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Thanks Lorelle

December 11, 2005

Any questions have raised in me about wordpress Google directed me to Lorelle, and she really had the answers.

Like the one about adding technorati tags.

UPDATE: Lorelle left a more convenient way in the comments. And i just love the trackback featrue. :)

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Hello wordpress

December 11, 2005

Huhh. Ok I got to my first post, but it wasn’t a smooth ride.

First the lack of personalization was strange. But at the end “content over form” stuff is ok for me. Particularly in the age of syndication.

Then I got problems with importing my blogroll from RSS Bandit. After I solved that I haven’t managed to insert a Skype button to the about page. It must be because of the javascript it contains, but all these were almost too much of a trouble for me.

It was a good idea to call the invites a gold ticket. I needed to feel privileged through coping with all these limitations to not start a simple blog.

UPDATE: I found the answer for my skype button problem. Lorelle says any use of javascript is unavailable.