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December 28, 2005

Sorry for not posting a long time. My exams period got started; I haven’t got enough brain capacity for my exams not to say to blog.


Backpack vs OneNote

December 11, 2005

There is one app which compete on versatility an flexibility with Backpack: Microsoft’s OneNote.

I use it pretty much. From taking notes on lectures (with audio recording in sync), planning my travels to sketching my drawings it provides a great interface.

Having a Tablet PC it’s ink support is inevitable for me.

It’s Outlook integration means it can sync up appointments and todos to my mobile, but it doesn’t work reverse. With notes it’s the opposite, it can download notes from my phone but won’t sync them up. So it basically shares problems with Backpack when it comes to mobiles.

The notebook structure is ok for storing all my data, but it isn’t very portable and shareable.

In case of using on multiple computers it has unsolved difficulties syncing the notes. Because it has a section of notes in one file, file-level syncing doesn’t work: If you change a note in the same section, but on different computers one of the changes will be lost.

Its NoteFlags are great but can’t beat tagging, and I think they aren’t intended to use that way.

I heard they’ve put a great emphasis on shareability and syncing in the next version. I hope they will get these things right, because I’m a great fan of their program.

But what I really want is OneNote with Backpack like online interface with tagging, ink support, feeds for collaboration, file storage and proper offline mobile support.

I don’t know whether I’m talking about sharepoint. :)

UPDATE: OneNote’s mobile sync solved!

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