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Backpack and mobile phones

December 11, 2005

While sms and e-mail notifications are nice to have they are far from enough.

Usually I skim through my appointments and todos in advance for several times a day. So I need to have all my future appointments and stuff ready in my mobile at all times.

iCalendar feed for Outlook solves the problem, but then Outlook dependency is here to stay. But ok, syncing from Backpack is solved.

I have a bigger problem with syncing back to Backpack.

My phone is the device where most of my calendar inputs happens. Having an e-mail uploading feature is also nice to have, but I don’t want to glow up my GPRS or UMTS connection every time, and I want to have the information in the calendar of my phone right away.

(I haven’t used Backpack for a minute, so there can be further features I don’t know. Actually these Backpack posts are about discovering the service.)

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Backpack as a complete organizing tool

December 11, 2005

Right now I have a clumsy, hardly portable folder and Outlook based organizing system I’m eager to dump.

I need the folders to get different forms of data (images, pdfs, docs, links and stuff) together by category. One thing is that this way one file can be assigned to one category otherwise I have to make a copy. Longhorn will solve this with virtual folders, but I have a feeling they are late.

Outlook is for having my messages offline and managing my time. And the only way to sync these with phone.

But it seems like the saviour has come half way for me.

37signals’ Backpack offers tagging, and looking forward for integration with Flickr and So my links, images, textual data and time management could be in one place, organized by tags.

Why half way?

Two things are missing.

For one I still can’t put my pdfs, docs, videos in a tagged system. Although Backpack offers 80 to 500MB space for files, it’s not enough for me (my organized stuff is at 3 gigs right now).
So I hope a cheap webstorage service with tags is yet to come. And while waiting an offline solution would do (like a non-public delicious for my harddrive which blends into other tagging systems like Backpack).

The other thing is one of the lessons of David Allen’s Getting Things Done, you won’t use your organization system if it’s not easy to use enough. So unlimited draganddrop support is must for me.

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Backpack offline capability

December 11, 2005

In my previous post I was talking about Gmail as would-be Outlook killer, but there is an existing online service with Outlook functionality.

I’m checking 37signals’s Backpack’s offline powers. Check back to this post if you are interested.

Backpack can provide an iCalendar feed for applications that supports it. Outlook is one.
That means Backpack can push calendar entries indirectly to your activesync enabled phones. I wonder whether does it work backwards. A real sync would be cool.

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Online services offline

December 11, 2005

I just saw that with Google Desktop you can access your Gmail messages offline.
Only if it would have a calendar and some offline mobile solution, and I could fully buy into this online service world.

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