Backpack and mobile phones

While sms and e-mail notifications are nice to have they are far from enough.

Usually I skim through my appointments and todos in advance for several times a day. So I need to have all my future appointments and stuff ready in my mobile at all times.

iCalendar feed for Outlook solves the problem, but then Outlook dependency is here to stay. But ok, syncing from Backpack is solved.

I have a bigger problem with syncing back to Backpack.

My phone is the device where most of my calendar inputs happens. Having an e-mail uploading feature is also nice to have, but I don’t want to glow up my GPRS or UMTS connection every time, and I want to have the information in the calendar of my phone right away.

(I haven’t used Backpack for a minute, so there can be further features I don’t know. Actually these Backpack posts are about discovering the service.)

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