Thanks Lorelle

Any questions have raised in me about wordpress Google directed me to Lorelle, and she really had the answers.

Like the one about adding technorati tags.

UPDATE: Lorelle left a more convenient way in the comments. And i just love the trackback featrue. :)

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6 Responses to “Thanks Lorelle”

  1. Lorelle VanFossen Says:

    Thanks and glad to help. There is a lot to learn about using, especially if you are familiar with the full version of WordPress. Yet, in truth, it is very simple to use if you just use it and not desire for things not available. It does what it is supposed to do, allow you to blog for free and freely. It doesn’t allow you to tweak, manipulate, and bork it, which is a relief for a lot of folks who seem to spend more time tweaking and borking than blogging. ;-)

    Once you get going, you will see how fun and easy this is and that many of the bells and whistles are in the simplicity not the gimmicks.

    Also, give a look at the many bookmarklets, javascript that works from within the browser not your site, that are available to help you, including a wonderfully easy to use one for creating tags on your WordPress or blog. There are still a lot of fun things you can do with your blog in addition to just blogging.


  2. Lorelle VanFossen Says:

    Blogging isn’t just about writing your thoughts, opinions, and information, it is also about communicating and trackbacks is just one of the many ways blogs connect the dots between other blogs. Ain’t this fun!

    Always glad to help.

  3. Szilárd Szakács Says:

    Hell this blog thing is addictive! I just started today and I can hardly stop. I have an English worse than the Manolo, an exam in days but I wrote all day… :)

    Thanks for all your help! :) It’s always amazing to meet so kind and supportive person like you.

  4. Lorelle VanFossen Says:

    No problem. Glad you are enjoying it. I have several blogs and websites, and I have to admit that I enjoy using a lot more than some of the others as all I have to really think about is the words and not all the fussing.

    Write good things!

  5. Jordan Says:

    this blog rocks

  6. Asserry Says:

    ford detroit

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